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What is the Registry?

The Registry is a system for clinical monitoring of patient population formed by disease or treatment from diagnosis to disease outcome. 

To optimize registry data accumulation and processing, Aston Group together with Norbit (an official Microsoft partner) developed unique software based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, which allows to promptly configure any type of the registry.

The web-site www.demoregistr.ru has an outline of the multi-purpose software package of patient registries. Here you can find information on how Aston Group creates and maintains different registries.


We thank the members of expert board who assisted in the development of registry software:

  • Boris Singerman, Chief of Computerization Department of FSBI Scientific Centre for Haematology of the Ministry of Health of Russia, a member expert advisory board under the President of RF for information-oriented society development in Russia, the author of GOST "Electronic Health Record", a chairman and of standardization group of Association for Development of Medical Information Technologies (ARMIT)
  • Boris Kobrinsky, MD, professor, an academician of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and International Informatization Academy, Head of Medical Centre for New Information Technologies of Moscow Research Institute of Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery, professor of the Department of Medical Cybernetics and Informatics of the Russian Research Institute of Medical University n.a. N.I. Pirogov, Vice President of Academy of Medical Informatiology
  • Victor Malievsky, MD, professor, chief Children's cardiorheumatologist of the Republic of Bashkortostan
  • Mikhail Shifrin, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Head of the Medical and Mathematical Laboratory in N.N. Burdenko Neurosurgery Institute, member of the European Federation for Medical Informatics Board, a member of RAMS working group on development and promotion of information technologies
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